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The Travel Page

A menu of photography and writing from Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil,
China, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Haiti, India, Israel/Palestine,
Nicaragua, Peru, Romania, Russia, and South Africa.

"The man wants to wander, and he must do so or he shall die."
- Captain Sir Richard Francis BurtonPilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah, 1855
[Link to my tribute to Burton.]

"I now know, by an almost fatalistic conformity with the facts, that my destiny is to travel."
- Ernesto Che Guevara,
The Motorcycle Diaries

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."
- St. Augustine


Latin American Portraits

Latin American Portraits

Link to a description of my first book of travel photography
published in November 2008 by The Key Publishing House Inc.



Córdoba, Argentina - Photo Galleries


Twelve galleries of photos from Córdoba city, Mina Clavero,
La Cumbre, La Falda, and Alta Gracia, December 2004

Argentina & Paraguay Photo Galleries

Argentina & Paraguay

Link to 17 photo galleries
from travels in December 2003
and January 2004.

Buenos Aires & Environs

Six galleries of photos from a visit
to Buenos Aires, April 2003.

Bolivia & Peru

Peru & Bolivia Photo Galleries

Link to 27 photo galleries from travels
in the Andean highlands in April-May 2005.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina Photo Galleries 2007

Bosnia Photo Galleries 2007

Six photo galleries from a visit to Mostar, Pocitelj, and Sarajevo.
Includes images of the 2007 Srebrenica interment and memorial ceremony at Poticari.

Mostar Reborn

A profile of Mostar in war and peace, as published in OneNorth, the United World College
of South-East Asia alumni magazine, June 2008. (In PDF format)


Brazil 2006 Photo Galleries

Brazil 2006

Link to 32 photo galleries from travels
in several regions of Brazil, June-July 2006.


Jiayuguan, China, 1984 (Photo)

Vibration Land:
A Journey through South China


(previously unpublished)

Part One
Travels in the Breast
Ferry to Fuzhou
Xiamen (Amoy)
Guangzhou (Canton)
Boat to Wuzhou, Bus to Yangshuo
Yangshuo and Guilin

Part Two
Sjors and Marvin, Guilin to Kunming
The Yangtze to Yueyang
Not Changsha
Dreams of Home

Xinjiang: A Journey to the Far West
(published in Mengembara [Singapore], December 1985)


Soldiers, Bogota (Photo)

Guns and Orchids: A Journey through Colombia



The Green Fields of Antioquia (Medellín)
(excerpts published in Peace Magazine, Jan./Feb. 1995)

The Silence of Armero/El Silencio de Armero
(Spanish translation published in La Prensa [Vancouver], 12 November 1994.)

The Heart of the Matter (Bogotá)
(previously unpublished)

Colombia and Peru,
Summer 2002

peru17a.jpg (graphic, 24k)

Images from Cartagena de Indias, Lima, Cuzco, Ollantaytambo,
Machu Picchu, Puno, Sillustani


Croatia Photo Galleries

The Dalmatian Coast

11 photo galleries from travels in June 2004.


Cuba Graphic

Cuba 2003

Ten galleries of photos from Havana, Holguín,
Gibara, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos,
from travels in December 2002-January 2003.

Manaca Iznaga (Photo)

Un Paso Más: Cuban Dispatches


Part One
Havana - Santa Clara - Remedios - Trinidad

Part Two
Trinidad - Sancti Spíritus - Camagüey - Havana

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Photo Galleries

Link to nine photo galleries
from travels in the Dominican Republic
in April 2004.


Amazon Flora (Photo)

Welcome to the Jungle: A Short Walk in the Ecuadorean Amazon (1997)
(previously unpublished)


Vimy Ridge (Photo)

No Man's Land: The Battlefields of Northern France (1989)
(published in the Montreal Gazette, 11 November 1989.)


Old Woman in Carrefour

A Haiti Photo Album

Six galleries of photos from my travels in Haiti,
December 2001-January 2002.


A Port-au-Prince Journal

An account of three weeks spent in the Haitian capital, with an
emphasis on the political situation and various brave individuals.

A Taste of Paradise in Haiti (Yes, Haiti)

A visit to Norm's Place in Labadie, Haiti



South India Photo Galleries 2008

South India Photo Galleries 2008

28 photo galleries from the states
of Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.



Indochina Photo Galleries 2009

Indochina Photo Galleries 2009

Sixty-four photo galleries from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.


Tear-Gas, Jerusalem (Photo)

Springtime in Palestine: The Intifada Becomes A Way of Life (1989)
(excerpts published in Canadian Dimension, October 1989)


Nicaragua, 1986 (Photo)

Seven Years On (1986)
(published in two parts in Latin America Connexions, 1986)

Nicaragua, 1991: After the Earthquake (1991)
(published in four parts in Latin America Connexions in 1991, and as CDAS
Discussion Paper No. 68, Centre for Developing-Area Studies, Montréal, 1993.)

Letters from Managua (1998)
(previously unpublished)



Romania Photo Galleries 2007

Romania Photo Galleries 2008

Thirty-one photo galleries from a month in Romania,
June 2007.



Russia Photo Galleries 2008

Russia Photo Galleries 2008

Thirty photo galleries from a voyage through Russia, May-June 2008.


Pilgrimage to Prokhorovka

Pilgrimage to Prokhorovka

An account of a journey to the town of Prokhorovka in southern Russia,
scene of the decisive clash in the Battle of Kursk (July 1943), the greatest
tank battle in history.

South Africa

Flag (.gif)

South Africa: "A Mortal Blow to Racism" (1995)
(published in The Jordan Times [Amman, Jordan], 24 July 1995)

Turkey 2003

Turkey Photo Galleries

Five galleries of photos from Istanbul,
Çanakkale, Gallipoli, Troy, and the island of Bozcaada,
June 2003

Some Favourite Places

Photographs by Adam Jones

Wadi Rum (Photo)

Series I: Just Deserts
Wadi Rum, Jordan (1995)
Siwa Oasis, Egypt (1989) (b & w)
The White Desert, Egypt (1989) (b & w)
Turfan Oasis, Xinjiang, China (1984)
Mosque at Turfan, China (1984)

The Kremlin (Photo)

Series II: Europe
Arbatskaya Metro, Moscow (1997)
Peter & Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg (1997)
Artillery Museum, St. Petersburg (1997)
The Kremlin, Moscow (1997)
17th-century Wall, Denmark (1997)
Christo Wraps the Reichstag, Berlin (1995)
Façade, Eastern Berlin (1995)
Vimy Ridge (1989) (b & w)
Moonrise: Oystermouth, Wales (1999)

San Agustin (Photo)

Series III: Latin America
Copán, Honduras (1996)
Santa Fé de Antioquia, Colombia (1994)
El Retiro, Colombia (1994)
San Agustín, Colombia (1994)
Amazon Flora, Ecuador (1997)
Seventh Anniversary of the Nicaraguan Revolution (1986)
Street Scene, Puebla, México (2000)
Cathedral, Puebla, México (2000)
Dusk, Cholula, México (2000)


Cairo (Photo)

Series I
Cairo (1989)
Jiayuguan, China (1984)
Matagalpa, Nicaragua (1986)
Tierradentro, Colombia (1994)
Train to Santa Clara, Cuba (1998)

The México Galleries

Images of life where I live ...

Mexico Galleries

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4

Countries I've travelled in (current total: 79)

(visits shorter than three days are not included;
country's name as at time of visit.)

L = Lived
M = Multiple Visits

Argentina (M) - Australia (L) - Austria - Belgium - Benin - Bolivia - Bosnia and Herzegovina (M) - Brazil (M) - Burkina Faso - Cambodia - Canada (L) - China (People's Republic) (L) - Colombia (M) - Costa Rica (M) - Croatia - Cuba (M) - Czech Republic - Czechoslovakia - Denmark - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Egypt - Ethiopia - Fiji - France - Germany (M) - Ghana - Greece - Guatemala - Haiti - Honduras - Hong Kong - Hungary (M) - India - Indonesia (M) - Iran - Iraq (Kurdistan) - Israel/Palestine (West Bank & Gaza) (M) - Italy (M) - Jamaica - Japan (M) - Jordan (M) - Kosovo - Laos - Latvia - Macedonia - Malawi - Malaysia (M) - México (L) - Montenegro - Morocco - Mozambique - The Netherlands - New Zealand - Nicaragua (M) - Norway - Panama - Paraguay - Peru (M) - Poland (M) - Portugal - Romania - Russia (M) - Rwanda (M) - Singapore (L) - South Africa (M) - Spain (M) - Swaziland - Switzerland (M) - Syria - Tanzania - Thailand (M) - Turkey (M) - Uganda - United Kingdom (L) - United States (L) - Uzbekistan - Vietnam - Yugoslavia - Zimbabwe

Pit-Stops/Quick Visits/Transit
(but enough time to have some memories!)

Bulgaria - East Germany - El Salvador - Gibraltar - Iceland - Macau - Mozambique - Pakistan (Karachi) - Qatar - Slovakia - Togo - Zambia

The best of the best (that I've seen ...)

Most beautiful countries: Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Malaysia, Laos, Rwanda, (ex-)Yugoslavia. Most beautiful big cities: Cape Town (South Africa), Cartagena (Colombia), Copenhagen (Denmark), Havana (Cuba), Jerusalem (Israel/Palestine), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Prague (Czech Republic), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Sevilla (Spain), Kazan (Russia) (link to photo), Vancouver (Canada). Most beautiful small cities/towns: Bruges (Belgium), Cachoeira (Brazil), Copán (Honduras), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Ribe (Denmark), Santa Fé de Antioquia (Colombia - link to photo). Favourite big cities: Istanbul, Barcelona, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, New York City, Cairo. Most boring big city: Amman (Jordan). Most magnificent sites/sights: Machu Picchu (Peru), Angkor (Cambodia), Borobodur (Indonesia), Copán (Honduras), Tikal (Guatemala), Egyptian Museum (Cairo), Iguazu Falls (Argentina/Brazil), British Museum Manuscript Room (London), Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City). Most haunting: Armero (Colombia) (link to The Silence of Armero), Srebrenica (link to Bosnia photo galleries), Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland), Murambi (Rwanda), Hiroshima (Japan), the Somme (France) (link to No Man's Land). Best places you may never have heard of: Kazan (Russia), Santa Fé de Antioquia (Colombia), Ribe (Denmark), Siwa Oasis (Egypt), Xinjiang (China).

Friendliest people: Haitians, Australians, Cubans, South Indians, Iranians. Loveliest landscapes: Bosnia/Herzegovina, British Columbia, Cape of Good Hope, Quiché highlands (Guatemala), Laos, Turkey. Most magnificent buildings: Sancta Sophia Mosque in Istanbul; Qala'at al-Hosn/Crac des Chevaliers, 12th-century Crusader castle, Syria (link to photo). Most attractive people: Cubans, Spaniards. Best food: Cairo, Istanbul, Singapore, South India, Vancouver. Worst food: Cuba (unless in a private home). Best bread: Jordan, Turkey. Best beer: Cooper's Ale, South Australia. Best beers in countries where you wouldn't expect to find great beers: Amstel (Jordanian version), Club Colombia (brewed since 1889), Victoria (Nicaragua), Prestige (Haiti), Beerlao (Laos), Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (USA). Greatest innovation in travel since the invention of the jet airplane: the Internet.

Cheapest country: Choose your hyper-inflationary situation: Nicaragua (1986), Poland (1989). Hyper-inflation aside: Egypt, Argentina during the last crisis. Most expensive: Japan, Switzerland, Norway. Most overrated countries: France (the Côté d'Azur is a joke), Jamaica (sociopathic males). Most underrated: Colombia, Germany. Most countries visited in the space of 16 hours: Five (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Mexico -- thanks to the "milk run" on Lloyd Aereo Boliviano). Cleanest city: Singapore (nice place to live, no need to visit there). Places I can't believe I've never been: Canada more than about 200 miles north of the U.S. border; the U.K. apart from England and two days in Wales

Impending journeys:Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda (again), and Ukraine in Summer 2013. North India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), and Sri Lanka in 2014.

Galactic Bunny (Photo)

Last, but not least:
Cherished travelling companions over lo! these many years
and time-zones ...

Mom&Dad&Craig, Fabiola, Griselda, Lindsey, Marvin, Miriam, Rick, Tomi and Karin, "Don Antonio," Wilburg.

"Always the same alloy of panic and joy at the moment of departure. It is like losing your foothold in a great love affair. What will happen now? I have no idea. All I know is that I have just thrown myself out into it."
- Sven Lindqvist

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