Some Favourite Places -
Series 2: Europe

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Arbatskaya Metro, Moscow (1997) (29k)
Peter & Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg (1997) (19k)
Artillery Museum, St. Petersburg (1997) (37k)
The Kremlin, Moscow (1997) (25k)
17th-century Wall, Denmark (1997) (41k)
Christo Wraps the Reichstag, Berlin (1995) (38k)
Façade, Eastern Berlin (1995) (43k)
Vimy Ridge (b & w) (1989) (23k)
Moonrise: Oystermouth, Wales (1999) (29k)

All photographs copyright 1998, 1999 by Adam Jones

Outside Arbatskaya Metro
Moscow, Russia (1997) (29k)

Arbatskaya Metro, Moscow (29k)

Peter and Paul Fortress
St. Petersburg, Russia (1997) (19k)

Peter and Paul Fortress (Photo) (19k)

Artillery Museum
St. Petersburg, Russia (1997) (37k)

Artillery Museum (Photo) (37k)

The Kremlin

Moscow, Russia (1997) (25k)
The Kremlin (Photo)(25k)

17th-century Wall, Castle Schackenborg

Southern Jutland, Denmark (1997) (41k)

Castle Schackenborg, Denmark (Photo) (41k)

Christo Wraps the Reichstag
Berlin (1995) (38k)

Christo Wraps the Reichstag (Photo) (38k)

Eastern Berlin (1995) (43k)

Facade in Eastern Berlin (Photo) (43k)

Vimy Ridge (1989) (23k)

Vimy Ridge (b & w photo) (23k)

Oystermouth, Wales (1999) (29k)

Oystermouth, Wales (photo) (29k)

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Created by Adam Jones, 1998, 1999.  All photographs copyright 1998, 1999.  No copyright claimed for non-commercial use of these images if source is acknowledged and notified.
Last updated: 10 October 2000.