Some Favourite Places -
Series 1: Just Deserts

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Wadi Rum, Jordan (1995) (26k)
Siwa Oasis, Egypt (1989) (b & w) (45k)
The White Desert, Egypt (1989) (b & w) (32k)
Turfan Oasis, Xinjiang, China (1984) (26k)
Mosque at Turfan, China (1984) (20k)

All photographs copyright 1998 by Adam Jones

Wadi Rum
Jordan (1995) (26k)

Wadi Rum, Jordan (Photo) (26k)

Siwa Oasis
Egypt (1989) (45k)

Siwa Oasis, Egypt (Photo) (45k)

The White Desert
Egypt (1989) (32k)

The White Desert, Egypt (Photo) (32k)

Near Turfan Oasis
Xinjiang Province, Western China (1984) (26k)

Sunflowers (Photo)(26k)

Near Turfan, China (1984) (20k)

[Note: The photo was taken at around 10:30 at night.  Turfan, although 3,000 miles from the Chinese capital, runs on Beijing time, which means nightfall at about midnight in mid-summer.]

Mosque near Turfan, China (Photo, 20k)

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Created by Adam Jones, 1998.  All photographs copyright 1998.  No copyright claimed for non-commercial use of these images if source is acknowledged and notified.
Last updated: 10 October 2000.