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The Media and Democratization
Gender and Politics

I. The Media and Democratization


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The Press in Transition

The book version of my doctoral dissertation, The Press in Transition:
A Comparative Study of Nicaragua, South Africa, Jordan, and Russia
is now available for purchase from the German Overseas Institute
in Hamburg, Germany. Link to an outline and description of this project.

Order The Press in Transition from the Deutsches Übersee-Institut.

Read Chapter One of The Press in Transition,
"Towards A Comparative Model of Press Functioning",
online now!


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Beyond the Barricades

My book, Beyond the Barricades:
Nicaragua and the Struggle for the Sandinista Press, 1979-1998
has now been published by Ohio University Press.
Link to an outline and description
of this project; you can also order Beyond the Barricades
by linking to its page on the Amazon website.
The Introduction to the book can be read in .pdf format
on the Ohio University Press website.

The Times Literary Supplement (September 2002) says:

"Jones tells his story with verve and insight; he is neither romantic nor didactic,
and always highly readable. His eloquent and thoughtful portrait of a society contending
with the aftermath of a prolonged period of US intervention raises issues of concern to anyone
interested in international affairs." (Nicola Miller)

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Barricada and Beyond:
Journalism in Nicaragua

Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics,
4: 4 (Fall 1999)

A wide-ranging interview with Carlos Fernando Chamorro,
former editor of the Sandinista party paper
Barricada, on the experience
of revolutionary and post-revolutionary journalism in Nicaragua.

From Rightist to "Brightest"?
The Strange Tale of South Africa's Citizen,
Journal of Southern African Studies, 24: 2 (June 1998), pp. 325-45.

Wired World:
Communications Technology, Governance, and the Democratic Uprising,
in Edward Comor, ed., The Global Political Economy of Communication
(London: Macmillan, 1994).

Press, Regime and Society in Jordan Since 1989
Occasional Paper of the Inter-University Consortium of Arab Studies (ICAS),
Montréal, 1997.
Winner of the B.C. Political Science Association Essay Prize (Ph.D. division), 1997.

The New Generation of Russian Journalists:
An Interview with Dimitry Babich
Langara Journalism Review, Spring 1998 (not peer-reviewed).

Dissertation Case Studies
Brief summaries of Nicaraguan, South African, and Russian case studies
for my Ph.D. dissertation, The Press in Transition,
scheduled for submission in October 1998.
(Newspapers studied: Barricada [Nicaragua], The Citizen
[South Africa], Izvestia [Russia].)

II. Gender and Politics

Men of the Global South: A Reader

Men of the Global South: A Reader

"Men of the Global South highlights a population group
which hardly figures in the literature of gender and development
-- or indeed in the literature of development in general. It describes
men in all their complexity and inconsistency -- violent and non-violent,
powerful and not powerful, straight and not straight, maintainers of tradition
and destroyers of it, as they really are and as they want and fear to be.
In doing so it fills a big gap in the literature, and raises a challenge
to the gender and development mainstream to explain why it overlooks
the gendered lives of men as well as women."

- Judy El-Bushra

Gendercide and Genocide

Gendercide and Genocide

Edited by
Adam Jones

Vanderbilt University Press, 2004

The most wide-ranging book ever published on gender-selective
mass killing, or "gendercide," this collection of essays is
also the first to explore systematically the targeting of non-combatant
"battle-age" males in various wartime and peacetime contexts.

Link to further information
and a full table of contents.

Of Rights and Men:
Towards a Minoritarian Framing of Male Experience

Published in Journal of Human Rights, 1: 3 (September 2002).

Kosovo atrocity, 1999

Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention:
Incorporating the Gender Variable

Published in the online Journal of Humanitarian Assistance,
February 2002

The Kosovo Trilogy

Qame Gashi, widowed in Bela Crkva, Kosovo (Photo, 15k).

Qame Gashi, widowed in Bela Crkva, Kosovo, July 1999.

Effacing the Male:
Gender, Misrepresentation, and Exclusion
in the Kosovo War

Published in Transitions: The Journal of Men's Perspectives, 21: 1-3 (2001)
How did the mass media depict the "gendering" of the conflict in Kosovo?

Gendercide in Kosovo

Excerpted from CIDE Documento de Trabajo #62, 2000:
examines the Kosovo war in the context
of earlier campaigns of "gendercide" in the Balkans.

Kosovo: Orders of Magnitude

Published in IDEA: A Journal of Social Issues, 5: 1 (2000)
A detailed examination of the scale and character of Serb atrocities
in Kosovo between March and June 1999.

Gendercide and Genocide
Journal of Genocide Research, 2: 2 (June 2000), pp. 185-211.

Engendering Debate
Review of International Studies, 24: 2 (1998), pp. 299-303.
A response to Carver et al., "Gendering Jones," in the same issue;
Carver et al. in turn is a critique of ...

... Does "Gender" Make the World Go Round?
Feminist Critiques of International Relations
Review of International Studies, 22: 4 (1996), pp. 405-29.
Winner of British International Studies Association prize
for best Review article of 1996.

Gender and Ethnic Conflict in ex-Yugoslavia
Ethnic and Racial Studies, 17: 1 (1994), pp. 115-34.

Book Review of Errol Miller, Men At Risk
Caribbean Studies, 25: 1-2 (1992), pp. 167-70.

III. Miscellany

Crimes Against Humanity: A Beginner's Guide

Crimes Against Humanity: A Beginner's Guide

Oxford: Oneworld Publications, 2008

"A remarkable book that is immediately accessible for the novice in the field,
or students, and yet also engages with its topic in intellectually interesting ways
for the more seasoned reader. Helps chart the way forward for those already thinking about,
or tussling with, the horrors of humanity and the seemingly ever evolving capacity
to shock the conscience."

- James Gow, Professor of International Peace and Security, King's College London

Link to the webpage for Crimes Against Humanity: A Beginner's Guide,
including text excerpts and ordering information.

Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction

Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction

"This is the best introductory text available to students
of genocide studies. Written in clear, elegant prose and supported by
a wealth of authoritative sources,
Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction
is likely to be come the gold standard by which all subsequent introductions
to this enormously important subject will be measured."

- Kenneth J. Campbell, University of Delaware;
author of Genocide and the Global Village
Link to the webpage for Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction,
including text excerpts and ordering information.

Genocide, War Crimes and the West

Genocide, War Crimes and the West:
History and Complicity

This volume, edited by myself, has been
published by Zed Books (UK). It seeks to provide
an unprecedentedly comprehensive overview
and analysis of western complicity in genocide and
war crimes, with contributions from an impressive
array of scholars worldwide. Link to an
outline of the volume.

Latest News:

My introduction to Genocide, War Crimes
and the West
is now available online!

Please help publicize this important work!

The publicity flyer for Genocide, War Crimes & the West can now
be downloaded for printing and distribution (.pdf file -- requires
the free Adobe Acrobat reader)

Download Publicity Flyer

A Bibliography of War

Published in Istor (Mexico), Spring 2002.

Recent Book Reviews

William Blum,
Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower
Published in Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 2002.

Carolyn O.N. Moser and Fiona C. Clark, eds.,
Victims, Perpetrators or Actors? Gender, Armed Conflict and Political Violence
Published in International Feminist Journal of Politics, 4: 1 (April 2002).

Shirin M. Rai, ed.,
International Perspectives on Gender and Democratisation
Published in Democratization, 8: 4 (Winter 2001).

Peter Ferdinand, ed.,
The Internet, Democracy and Democratization
Published in Democratization, 8: 4 (Winter 2001).

Richard Gunther and Anthony Mughan, eds.,
Democracy and the Media: A Comparative Perspective
Published in Democratization, 8: 3 (Autumn 2001).

Linda Melvern, A People Betrayed:
The Role of the West in Rwanda's Genocide

Lynn Horton, Peasants in Arms: War and Peace
in the Mountains of Nicaragua, 1979-1994

Published in Mesoamerica, no. 41 (June 2001)

John Conroy, Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People:
The Dynamics of Torture

Published in Human Rights Review, 2: 3 (April-June 2001)

Cynthia Enloe, Maneuvers: The International Politics
of Militarizing Women's Lives

Published in Contemporary Politics, 7: 2 (2001)

Levon Chorbajian and George Shirinian,
Studies in Comparative Genocide
Published in IDEA, 5: 1 (2000)

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