Men of the Global South - Cover MEN OF THE GLOBAL SOUTH
A Reader

Edited by Adam Jones

London: Zed Books, 2006

425 pages

ISBN: 1-84277-513-8 (pb), 1-84277-512 X (hb) US $29.99 (pb), US $87.00 (hb)

Men of the Global South: A Reader is the most diverse and accessible volume yet published on men and masculinities throughout the developing world. A Reader that also offers a wide range of original contributions, it explores male experience in a uniquely vivid and accessible way. Adam Jones provides a framing introduction that surveys the growing literature on Southern men and masculinities, and links it to the broader study of gender and development. Six main sections portray different aspects of male experience in the global South: "Family and Sexuality," "Ritual and Belief," "Work," "Governance and Conflict," "Migrations," and "Masculinities in Motion." The text, richly complemented by a number of photographs, serves as an ideal introduction to the lives of men and boys from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America/the Caribbean. This volume is part of Zed Books' "Global Masculinities" series edited by Michael Kimmel. It will appeal to students and scholars of gender and development, as well as to general readers interested in gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of men's roles, challenges, and contributions worldwide.

"Men of the Global South highlights a population group which hardly figures in the literature of gender and development -- or indeed in the literature of development in general. It describes men in all their complexity and inconsistency -- violent and non-violent, powerful and not powerful, straight and not straight, maintainers of tradition and destroyers of it, as they really are and as they want and fear to be. In doing so it fills a big gap in the literature, and raises a challenge to the gender and development mainstream to explain why it overlooks the gendered lives of men as well as women."
- Judy El-Bushra

"A landmark work of global gender research, bringing fresh experiences, perspectives, and analyses."
- Øystein Gullvåg Holter, University of Oslo

Men of the Global South - Cover

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"This wide-ranging and carefully selected collection does exactly what Adam Jones set out to do: it complicates masculinity. Understanding this complexity is essential because the social conesquences of how men understand their roles in the context of rapid social and economic change are tremendous. Particularly in the Global South, in the face of massive social challenges posed by globalization, poverty, conflict, and climate change, this book argues that it is imperative that we understand men better in order to support resolutions to these problems that produce gender equality and social harmony."
- Anne-Marie Goetz, Chief Advisor, Governance, Peace and Security at UNIFEM

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