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Welcome to a collection of my monographs, journal articles, and freelance writing on gender issues. Scroll for links to my scholarly publications on feminism and gender issues, and to the text of my study, "The Globe and Males," examining the coverage of men in "Canada's National Newspaper." There's also the text of a 1992 radio interview, a range of short polemics on various taboo subjects, and my article on men and international human rights for The Globe and Mail. The most recent updates include my scholarly work on "gendercide" and materials on gender-selective atrocities in Kosovo and East Timor.


Men of the Global South: A Reader

Men of the Global South:
A Reader

This volume has just been published by Zed Books. Its purposeis to advance the
study of men and masculinities in the developing world by presenting its subjects
in an accessible and profoundly human fashion that will appeal to students
and others interested in Third World development, gender issues, human rights,
international political economy, and a range of other subject-areas.


Gendercide and Genocide

Gendercide and Genocide

Edited by
Adam Jones

Vanderbilt University Press, 2004

The most wide-ranging book ever published on gender-selective
mass killing, or "gendercide," this collection of essays is
also the first to explore systematically the targeting of non-combatant
"battle-age" males in various wartime and peacetime contexts.

Link to further information
and a full table of contents.

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Scholarly Publications

Kosovo atrocity, 1999

Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention:
Incorporating the Gender Variable

Published in the online Journal of Humanitarian Assistance,
February 2002



Male-on-Male Sexual Violence in Wartime:
Human Rights' Last Taboo?

By Augusta Del Zotto and Adam Jones

An analysis of the taboo subject of male-on-male rape
and sexual torture, with a focus on the Balkans wars of the 1990s.

Of Rights and Men:
Towards a Minoritarian Framing of Male Experience

Published in Journal of Human Rights, 1: 3 (September 2002).

Review of Cynthia Enloe, Maneuvers: The International Politics
of Militarizing Women's Lives
Contemporary Politics, 7: 2 (2001)

Gendercide and Genocide
Journal of Genocide Research, 2: 2 (June 2000)

Engendering Debate
Review of International Studies, 24: 2 (1998)
[Response to Carver et al., "Gendering Jones," in the same issue.]

Does "Gender" Make the World Go Round?
Feminist Critiques of International Relations
Review of International Studies, 22: 4 (1996)
(Winner of British International Studies Association Prize
for best Review article of 1996)

Gender and Ethnic Conflict in ex-Yugoslavia
Ethnic and Racial Studies, 17: 1 (1994)

Review of Errol Miller, Men at Risk
Caribbean Studies, 25: 1-2 (1992)


The Globe and Males:
The Other Side of Gender Bias in Canada's National Newspaper
(Edmonton, AB: Gender Issues Education Foundation, 1992)

"An excellent study ... even-handed and persuasive."
- George Bain, Media Critic, Maclean's Magazine

"For Adam Jones, coverage is the real issue. ... Because Jones' conclusions fly so completely in the face of conventional wisdom, one might be tempted to dismiss them. But that would be premature. First, his is essentially the only scientific research to do an in-depth analysis of each and every article concerning violence over a certain time period, and to evaluate whether it contained bias against either portraying the man as a victim, or the woman as the victimizer. ... Second, his findings are confirmed by anecdotal accounts by dozens of men and women who work in the media."
- Armin A. Brott, Nieman Reports (Harvard University), Winter 1994

East Timor, 1999

Timor Map

Gender-Selective Atrocities
in East Timor

Evidence is mounting that the Indonesian military's genocidal assault
on the Timorese people constitutes another "gendercide," that is,
a mass gender-selective campaign of extermination. As with the recent
Kosovo events, I am posting excerpts from media coverage to draw together
the fragmentary eyewitness and second-hand accounts of atrocities against
both men and women.

Feature article,
15 November 1999:

"East Timor:
Where are the people?"

September 1999
October 1999

November 1999

December 1999

Kosovo/The Balkans


The Kosovo Trilogy

Qame Gashi, widowed in Bela Crkva, Kosovo (Photo, 15k).

Qame Gashi, widowed in Bela Crkva, Kosovo, July 1999.

Effacing the Male:
Gender, Misrepresentation, and Exclusion
in the Kosovo War

Published in Transitions: The Journal of Men's Perspectives, 21: 1-3 (2001)
How did the mass media depict the "gendering" of the conflict in Kosovo?

Gendercide in Kosovo

Excerpted from CIDE Documento de Trabajo #62, 2000:
examines the Kosovo war in the context
of earlier campaigns of "gendercide" in the Balkans.

Kosovo: Orders of Magnitude

Published in IDEA: A Journal of Social Issues, 5: 1 (2000)
A detailed examination of the scale and character of Serb atrocities
in Kosovo between March and June 1999.

Beaten detainee in Kosovo

Gender-Selective Atrocities in Kosovo

Background Materials
on gender-selective atrocities
in Kosovo, 1998-99

Press Release 1
29 March 1999

Press Release 2
3 April 1999

Press Release 3
16 April 1999

Hate Mail and
Personal Invective

More Writings on the Balkans Conflicts

Gender and Ethnic Conflict in ex-Yugoslavia
Ethnic and Racial Studies, 17: 1 (1994)

Terminal Sexism:
Men, Women and War in ex-Yugoslavia

Balance, Winter 1994-95.

Muslim men being led off to their deaths at Srebrenica (photo, 8k)

Srebrenica, July 1995

Link to galleries of photos documenting the slaughter
of an estimated 7,079 men at Srebrenica, along with excerpts from my article
"Pity the Innocent Men" and David Rohde's definitive book
on the massacre,
Endgame. A recent BBC article
The Women of Srebrenica is also included.

V. Miscellany



The Murdered Men of Ciudad Juárez

An analysis of the real patterns of violent victimization
in the Mexican border town. Published in Spanish in
Letras Libres
(Mexico), April 2004.

"Pity the Innocent Men" (1999)

My feature article from The Globe and Mail (20 February 1999);
possibly prescient in the light of Kosovo?

Feminisms, North and South (1991)
A wide-ranging, highly personal interview with Sofía Montenegro,
one of Nicaragua's most distinguished feminist activists.

The Invisible Victims (1992)
Feature article in The Globe and Mail,
built around the critique in "The Globe and Males" (see "Studies").

Interview (1992)
Broadcast on CJCA Radio, Edmonton,
after publication of "The Invisible Victims."

Why I Won't Wear A White Ribbon (1992)
Analyzing the aftermath of the massacre of 14 women
at the École Polytechnique in Montreal.

Letters to the Editor

Link to the Gender Section of my selected Letters to the Editor, 1984-1998.

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