Personal & Miscellany

Personal & Miscellany

All the news that wouldn't quite fit anywhere else ...

The Parents' Page

Meet the folks who must share some of the blame ...
my beloved mother and father, Jo and David Jones

My Renowned Brother

Craig Jones: legal authority, civil libertarian

Some Admirable People

(and one highly unusual rabbit)
Portraits of people (mostly) who've made a difference to me:
Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, Noam Chomsky, Galactic Bunny,
Graham Greene, Franz Kafka, Donna Laframboise, Midnight Oil (rock group).

A few more photos of the Webmaster

i.e., me

Rock and Roll

Top Fifty Albums

Stones: Undercover of the Night (1984)
A think-piece on the Rolling Stones' slide from greatness,
in the guise of an album review (previously unpublished)

Midnight Oil (1986)
An appreciation of Australia's greatest band, originally published
in Out of Line (Vancouver)

A Shriek Is A Many-Splendoured Thing ... (1993)
An elegy to the stereo system I loved and lost
(previously unpublished)

Suzuki (Photo)


Ten Works of Non-Fiction
That Changed My Life

(and ten novels)


A Time of Sweat and Smiles ... (1984)
I've written a few poems over the years.  Most of them you wouldn't want to
touch with a ten-foot pole.  This one you might.

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