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The Press in Transition

The book version of my doctoral dissertation, The Press in Transition:
A Comparative Study of Nicaragua, South Africa, Jordan, and Russia
is now available for purchase from the Deutsches Übersee-Institut
in Hamburg, Germany. Link to an outline and description of this project.

Order The Press in Transition from the Deutsches Übersee-Institut.

Read Chapter One of The Press in Transition,
"Towards A Comparative Model of Press Functioning",
online now!


Beyond the Barricades cover (graphic, 13k)

Beyond the Barricades

My book, Beyond the Barricades:
Nicaragua and the Struggle for the Sandinista Press, 1979-1998
has now been published by Ohio University Press.
Link to an outline and description
of this project; you can also order Beyond the Barricades
by linking to its page on the Amazon website.
The Introduction to the book can be read in .pdf format
on the Ohio University Press website.

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Barricada and Beyond:
Journalism in Nicaragua

Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics,
4: 4 (Fall 1999)

An interview with Carlos Fernando Chamorro, former editor
of the Sandinista party paper
Barricada, on the experience
of revolutionary and post-revolutionary journalism in Nicaragua. See also
the excerpts from
Chronicle of A Coup Foretold, detailing Chamorro's
dismissal from
Barricada in 1994.

From Rightist to "Brightest"?
The Strange Tale of South Africa's Citizen

Journal of Southern African Studies, 24: 2 (June 1998)
The remarkable story of The Citizen, secretly founded by the apartheid regime,
unmasked and consigned to mongrel status. Twenty years later, it is one
of the South African dailies best-positioned to exploit the opportunities
of the post-apartheid era.  Based on extensive interviews with key participants.

Jordan: Press, Regime and Society Since 1989

A supplemental case study for my book manuscript,
The Press in Transition. Originally published as a working paper
of the Inter-University Consortium for Arab Studies.


Wired World:

Communications Technology,
and the Democratic Uprising
Chapter 8 in Edward Comor, ed., The Global Political Economy of Communication
(London: Macmillan, 1994).
An accessible, wide-ranging overview of the impact of modern
communications technologies on democratization processes around the world.

Ph.D. Research

Three Case Studies of the Press in Transition

Capsule summaries of three newspapers studied for my Ph.D. dissertation, The Press in Transition: A Comparative Study of Nicaragua, South Africa, Jordan, and Russia (forthcoming, 1998). The newspapers are: Barricada in Managua; The Citizen in Johannesburg (see also "Scholarly Articles"); and Izvestia in Moscow.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back:
Russian Journalism in the Post-Soviet Era

In two parts: the case study of the Russian press from
my Ph.D. dissertation, The Press in Transition: A Comparative Study
of Nicaragua, South Africa, Jordan, and Russia

Part One:

Part Two:
Izvestia Case Study

The New Breed of Russian Journalists:

An Interview with Dimitry Babich
Dimitry "Dima" Babich, a TV journalist and former reporter for Komsomolskaya Pravda in Moscow, is typical of the new generation of Russian journalists - but more eloquent and engaging than most! Excerpts from an interview conducted in May 1997 and published in the Langara Journalism Review, Spring 1998.

Gender and the Media

Effacing the Male:
Gender, Misrepresentation, and Exclusion
in the Kosovo War

Transitions: The Journal of Men's Perspectives, 21: 1-3 (2001)
How did the mass media depict the "gendering" of the Kosovo conflict?

The Globe and Males:

The Other Side of Gender Bias in Canada's National Newspaper
Edmonton: Gender Issues Education Foundation, Occasional Paper No. 1, 1992
My study of biased coverage of men in "Canada's National Newspaper," the Toronto Globe and Mail.

The Invisible Victims

The article in The Globe and Mail derived from my longer study.
[Link to The Gender Page, with more of my writing on gender issues.]


Presswatch: The Uses of Symmetry

A sample of the "Presswatch" column I wrote for Connexions during the latter part of the 1980s. This, my favourite, examines the strategies that allowed journalists to evade the implications of politically-sensitive stories, while claiming adherence to standards of "objectivity."

Noam Chomsky

A profile of the great critic of media propaganda. An entry in my gallery of "Admirable People" -
Link to gallery.

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