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A selection of shorter articles: bite-sized
introductions to different sides of my writing ...

I. Politics
II. Gender
III. Travel
IV. Miscellany

I. Politics

Atrocities, Visible and Invisible

Reflections on terrorism, both wholesale and retail, in the wake
of the attacks on the U.S. in September 2001.

Iraq and the US: Contempt for the United Nations

Observations on the Bushies and the U.N.
published in
Counterpunch, September 13, 2002


Qame Gashi, widowed in Bela Crkva, Kosovo (Photo, 15k).

Qame Gashi, widowed in Bela Crkva, Kosovo, July 1999.

"Kosovo: Orders of Magnitude"

A detailed examination of the scale and character of Serb atrocities
in Kosovo between March and June 1999. Currently under submission.

More politics:

Presswatch: The Uses of Symmetry (1988)
An example-filled study of the spurious "objectivity" in U.S.
press coverage of Central America's crisis.

Guatemala: The Human-Rights Hoax (1989)
A critique of Canadian government policy towards Guatemala,
with extensive consideration of the human-rights record.

Springtime in Palestine (1989)
May I offer this as my most vivid on-the-spot political
reportage? My mother thinks so, anyway. Travels and tear-gas
in the West Bank and Gaza. Illustrated.

Chomsky Fights the Power (1996)
A profile of the dissident intellectual Noam Chomsky. Illustrated.

South Africa: "A Mortal Blow to Racism" (1995)
A lively, possibly over-optimistic survey of the new South
Africa, based on my stint there in 1995.

An Open Letter to Jean Chrétien (1998)
Pinning the Prime Minister to the wall for his mendacious presentation
of events at the APEC Conference, Vancouver, November 1997.

II. Gender



The Murdered Men of Ciudad Juárez

An analysis of the real patterns of violent victimization
in the Mexican border town. Published in Spanish in
Letras Libres
(Mexico), April 2004.

The Invisible Victims (1992)
The article, derived from my longer study The Globe and Males,
which The Globe itself printed - though parts of it were harshly
critical of the paper's coverage of gender issues.

Interview (1992)
From a radio talk-show discussion following publication of
"The Globe and Males" and "The Invisible Victims." A quick
and (naturally) conversational introduction to my views
on violence and gender.

Why I Won't Wear A White Ribbon (1992)
Mud in the eye of the fatuous "White Ribbon" campaign to drum
up male guilt in the aftermath of the Montréal Massacre of 1989.

Terminal Sexism (1994)
A shorter, more polemical version of the argument presented in
my scholarly study of Gender and Ethnic Conflict in ex-Yugoslavia.

In Praise of Younger Women (1994)
A brief, winsome meditation on a new generation of women.

III. Travel

No Man's Land (1989)
A highly personal piece built around a visit to the World War I battlefields
of northern France. Illustrated.

Xinjiang: A Journey to the Far West (1984)
Travels to where the Great Wall of China peters out in the desert,
and the old Silk Road takes over ... Illustrated.

Welcome to the Jungle:
A Short Walk in the Ecuadorean Amazon (1994)
A trip with Dad to the fringe of the Amazon, learning from Indian hosts.

The Silence of Armero (1994)
A chapter from my unpublished manuscript, Guns and Orchids: A
Journey through Colombia
, describing the fate of a Colombian town
in the path of a volcanic mudslide. Illustrated.

IV. Miscellany

In Memoriam: Graham Greene, 1904-1991 (1991)
An elegy for one of the century's great writers and political observers.

Midnight Oil (1986)
The music and politics of Australia's greatest band.

A Shriek Is A Many-Splendoured Thing (1993)
A loving tribute to my then-new stereo system - shortly thereafter,
traumatically stolen; still fondly remembered ...

Deconstructing Rudolph (1996)
Unmasking the grotesque implications of the popular Christmas carol. ;-)

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