Hotel Edén
La Falda, Argentina

Photos by Adam Jones

This hotel was founded in 1897 as a playground for the Argentine and international elite. In its prime, its guests included Albert Einstein (as part of an international scientific delegation in the 1920s), Rubén Darío (the Nicaraguan poet, arguably Latin America's greatest literary figure), and various Argentine and Brazilian presidents, including Juan Perón. Its German owner made the mistake of supporting the Nazis a little too overtly during World War Two, and was stripped of his possession after the war, until the Argentine government had a change of heart and restored it to him a few years later. (A popular local myth has it that Hitler himself spent some time here, in one of the outlying cabañas, after faking his death, fleeing Germany, and emigrating to Argentina along with Adolf Eichmann et al.) The town of La Falda grew up around the hotel, and eventually crowded it out with competition; the Edén was maintained through the mid-1960s, until it fell into disrepair and was abandoned. Today it is home to a bar, a pretty boring Leonardo da Vinci exhibition (go figure), and a tour guide named Gustavo who showed us around the dilapidated remains. Wonderful stuff.










The old generator room




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